The Never Before Released Report of the Avalon Disaster

Incident Report

Incident Date: May 30, 2072

Details: The Avalon, a US Department of Defense (DoD) low-orbit special programs asset, disintegrated over the Pacific Ocean on 2072/30/05 due to ...REDACTED... In partnership with Paradigm CS, a civilian biotechnology company, the Avalon had been supporting a classified deep-space initiative, codename “Transcription”.

The catastrophe wasn’t the first incident on record pertaining to Paradigm CS. Eleven months prior, …REDACTED… resulted in the fatality of one crewmember. An internal investigation was opened, and …REDACTED… to perform a root-cause analysis. During this window, lapses in data transmissions and communications were noted by …REDACTED…

The events between May 30, 2071 and the Avalon’s eventual demise remain a matter of great interest to DoD, Paradigm CS and …REDACTED…

Fatalities: Crew (2), Civilians (3), …REDACTED…



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Chris, Kevin and Kate wake up in a rugged wilderness far from their planned campsite. Their gear nowhere to be found, the three friends are left to make do with nothing but a pack of matches, water canteen, and strange devices displaying a fast approaching countdown fastened around their wrists.

In their search for answers and a way home, the friends quickly discover that navigating their new surroundings is the least of their problems. Not only are the friends not alone, but they appear to be part of an elaborate hunting expedition, and they're the targets.

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